Graduated with a degree in early childhood of education, Shaine was working in a montessori based in Kuala Lumpur until she got married to her husband, Vincent and quit her job to be a full time mother since the birth of her son, Jacob.

Taking care of her family and looking after Jacob have become Shaine’s new profession. Her educational background and past working experience have indeed been very helpful to her especially on tips and skills to raise and educate kids. Shaine constantly shares her motherhood experience with her closed friends and relatives and through these sharing sessions, she gets to be more equipped with the knowledge and skills of being a first-time mother.

Ever since the birth of Jacob, Shaine enjoys watching the growing up of Jacob and she takes pride in dressing him up on almost every other day. It is due to such obsession that her husband decided to start up social media pages for Jacob with the initial intention to consolidate and share some of these precious moment of Jacob’s growing up process with family and friends. Unexpectedly due to the influence of social media, both Shaine and Jacob have gathered a group of followers and some of whom have been very interested to find out more tips on motherhood from Shaine. It is due to such reason that it has prompted Shaine to start up this blog so as to enable her to share some of her motherhood experience with public, especially to her friends out there who are going through the same experience as her being a first-time mother.

Apart from motherhood, Shaine is also highly regarded in the fields of fashion, skin care, social media and e-commerce. She was invited on a few occasions to collaborate with brands as a model, social media and ambassador. Shaine’s high sense of fashion and beauty as well as her strong based of followers have made her highly sought for on social media.

Shaine is in the hope that this blog can provide her and her social media friends a better platform to share and interact with her experience in motherhood, fashion and skin care. Shaine hopes that all her readers would enjoy reading this blog as much as she writes and shares her thoughts. She looks forward to her blogging journey with each and everyone of you readers out there.


Influencer Asia 2015 the top parenting influencer award