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A First Time For Everything…including pet grooming!

“Mama, I want a dog.”

Yup, Jacob came home from school one day and said that to me. *omg* The time has come… where my son talks about dogs all day. We have dogs at home but those are guard dogs, not those that you pat their heads while watching TV. And they are much bigger than Jacob!

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-20 at 18.01.15If this rings a bell… Yes I brought Jacob to Cocomomo Urban Pets Hotel to let him experience having a pet for just one day. Since this is Jacob’s first time, of course I did not want to miss the opportunity to record it down!

I got my hands on the SONY 4K Handycam AXP55 recently and it was my first time recording a video on this device. Actually, I’ve done some YouTube videos in the past aiming to share more of my daily life with you guys. When I first started it, I realized I couldn’t hold a huge DSLR for long trying to capture my running children. Therefore most of the videos are done with Vincent’s help. Jacob actually enjoys being in front of camera, secretly hoping that it’s the same for Sophie too!

“Don’t miss a single chapter of your story” is the Handycam’s tagline and I agree – I’m really looking forward to recording great family moments with it.

SONDon’t let the old school camcorder fool you. This Handycam shoots 4K-resolution videos! LOVE the long recording time. LOVE. Can’t wait to bring it to record my next family trip with the kids. More videos of Jacob and Sophie yay!

At the pets hotel, Jacob’s main task was to shower a dog, giving him an example of the responsibility if he wants to own a pet. When we first got there, Jacob was quite shy with Ola the little coton (super cute you should see her on Instagram here).

06E81CFD-2799-4552-8717-4A4FC849929DMommy: Jacob you ready?

Jacob: hmmm…. shy

42ABD440-6A59-4C14-9C73-C55904A9EA86Jacob has always been a gentle kid and it is true! He followed Yee Won’s instructions carefully and very very afraid of hurting Ola. How cute!

Actually, the idea struck me when I was scrolling through Instagram before bed. I saw the Urban Pets Hotel and started browsing through the cute dogs. And they posted some photos of showering dogs and immediately I told Vincent I wanted to bring Jacob to try!

Throughout the session, not only I saw Jacob’s patience but I also saw the ‘big brother’ side of him. Not sure if it’s a good comparison writing down here but I see this is how he treats Sophie too. He does raise his voice a little when Sophie annoys him but still gentle and will always tell Sophie very nicely to leave him alone hahaha. Saw it in his eyes he wants to bring Ola home and can’t wait to take care of it for the rest of his life too. (Hmm, but are you sure Jacob? Haha)

Curious how did it turn out? Watch the video below that’s shot with my Sony 4K Handycam!

And… Jacob has never brought up the pet topic again. Hahaha. Just kidding. He actually enjoyed it! Like I mentioned, a little shy with Ola at the beginning but he couldn’t stop playing with Ola afterwards! (Didn’t want to go home too…) Video is shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution, so you can see precisely how cute the dog was with accurate color representation, and being able to capture the fine details. I was also walking around and zooming during the whole shoot and the video still turned out stable thanks to the balance optical steady shot technology that compensates for my handshake – no more shaky videos! I also didn’t have to DeNoise during editing because the sound was clear. How cool is that?

Untitled@ola.lilcoton Thanks for coming!

In collaboration with @SonyMalaysia

Hope you guys enjoyed the video, drop some comments if you like it too! More features of this SONY 4K Handycam to be revealed soon. Watch out for my next video project! 🙂


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