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Jacob’s Big Day 2017

Can’t believe we’re in end of quarter 2 of 2017 now!!! Hello my dear friends, how are you guys? 🙂 I’m sorry I haven’t updated this space for awhile, but I’ve been collecting my Sayat questions and promise will include them in the upcoming posts!

This post is dedicated to my boy Jacob’s 4th birthday party! Yes I know, much delayed. (Sorry T_T) Only got the photos few weeks after the party, some trips came in and what not. Hehe. So let the photos do the talking!

www.Lovebirds.myJusssssst like any other boys out there, Jacob is a huge fan of cars. He loves cars more than anything. But what’s even better?

www.Lovebirds.myLego themed party!!!!

Jacob walked into this surprise setup and the smile on his face just melted my heart!


Wait, I’m not done with the surprise.

www.Lovebirds.myI’ve worked with LEGO a few times this year and they were so kind they wanted to be part of the party! Here I have LEGO play tables at my house for the kids to play!

www.Lovebirds.myWhere all the imagination starts….

www.Lovebirds.myNot forgetting party packs up for grab! Thank you so much LEGO Malaysia! 🙂

Back to the day, it started with outdoor car racing for the kids.

www.Lovebirds.mywww.Lovebirds.mywww.Lovebirds.mywww.Lovebirds.mywww.Lovebirds.myFemale racers yo!

Then we moved into some other activities including talk show, colourings and LEGO.



Highlight of the night, Jacob’s birthday cake is almost the same height as him!

www.Lovebirds.myBirthday boy better be not making wishes for more cars. Haha.

www.Lovebirds.myYes this is Jacob’s birthday cake! Amazing 3D Lego Man cake done by @21stqipastries. Jaw dropped receiving this cake haha.

www.Lovebirds.myLego head piñata so cute!



And here’s a photo of the full setup!www.Lovebirds.mywww.Lovebirds.mywww.Lovebirds.myMacarons Tower from trusted friend @elevete. They never fail to surprise me with the colours matching to the party theme. Also, have I mentioned how delicious they taste?

www.Lovebirds.mySuper adorable Madeleine tower from @lange.petit. The details omg!

www.Lovebirds.myThis one. Reminds me of Tsum Tsum I don’t know why haha. Mad cute Choux tower from @leclaire!

www.Lovebirds.myI don’t think so I’ve had any parties without balloons before haha. Customised balloons from @Balloove!


Last but not least,

Dearest Jacob,

Mommy hope you had a memorable birthday party. My wish for you on your birthday is that you are, and will always be, happy and healthy! Grow up to be a kind man just like your daddy, protect Mei Mei like you always do. 


Mommy (2017)

Event Set Up & Styling: @La_Memoria – this team never disappoint!!!

Instant Print credits: Lovebirds.my Facebook Page

Event Photography credits: Lovebirth Photography Facebook Page

Instagram: Lovebirds Instagram

Webpage: www.lovebirds.my

Videographer credit: @weddingandeventstudios

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